A natural solution for you & your property, to control deer, ticks, & mosquitoes.

Nature is a beautiful thing, but sometimes nature can be destructive. Backyard intruders like deer can cause extensive damage to shrubbery and plantings. Add to that unwanted intruders like ticks and mosquitoes, and your own backyard doesn't seem so inviting anymore. That's where we come in.

We're ohDEER, the original provider of safe and natural solutions for deer, tick & mosquito control. As a customer-focused company based in Massachusetts, our goal is to control nature's annoying intruders, giving you the freedom to enjoy your outdoor spaces once again.

And because our products are natural repellents that contain no pesticides or chemicals of any kind, you can reclaim your backyard knowing that our solutions are safe for children, and pets.

Have a look around our site, you'll find plenty of useful information. And when you're ready to do something about your backyard pest problem, give us a call. We'll be happy to do for you what we've done for hundreds of our other satisfied clients.